We realized that being successful isn’t about being impressive, it’s about being inspired. - Michelle Obama

Financial Fountains (@FinFount)

Financial Fountains is dedicated to helping individuals, families, and institutions strengthen their financial stewardship and wealth-building efforts. Our services—comprehensive financial planning, investment management, financial consultations/hourly financial planning, and educational seminars—are designed to help you effectively manage your valuable resources and experience an abundant life.

Financial planning augments your understanding of how financial decisions and resources shape your quality of life now and in the future. Financial Fountains will assist you in discovering and implementing best practices to enhance your financial security and well-being.

We listen carefully to you so that we can clearly discern what you value and how you desire to live. We provide financial solutions that are objective, easy to understand, and uniquely tailored to your goals.

Financial Fountains is independent—only working for and paid by you. Your best interest is our primary concern. We do not receive any compensation from outside sources, such as commissions or referral fees. This ensures that our recommendations remain objective.

Investments managed by Financial Fountains are held at a qualified, independent custodial bank. As our client, you will have 24-hour online access to your accounts to view portfolio holdings and balances, account activity, and statements.

We invite you to review our services to determine how Financial Fountains can best serve you.

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