For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. - African Proverb

Mission and Beliefs


Financial Fountains seeks to enrich individuals, families, and institutions by providing tools and perspectives for sound financial decision making.



Our belief system is founded on the principle of TRUST — Transforming Resources Utilizing Sustainable Truths.

Transforming — We believe that the financial planning process should transform your quality of life. We take a holistic approach to financial planning because money should support your vision for your life, not control it. The journey to abundant living requires honesty, integrity, and open communication in the financial planner-client relationship. We will partner with you to clarify your commitments and achieve your goals in ways that reflect your needs and values.

Resources — We believe that good stewardship of all resources (e.g., financial assets, relationships, education, and skills) is the foundation for building wealth and creating a fulfilling life. We are passionate about our profession and will devote our resources—time, energy, and expertise—to you as you move along your journey.

Utilizing—We believe that all resources should be utilized efficiently to ensure good stewardship. We will guide you in channeling your resources to align with your vision and best interests.

Sustainable—We believe that sustainable wealth building requires patience, sound decisions, and disciplined practices. By educating you throughout the financial planning process, we provide you with tools and solutions to achieve long-term financial strength.

Truths—We believe that financial well-being can be achieved by adhering to a practical set of truths. In partnership with you, we identify the financial principles that will maximize your efforts to build long-term wealth and an abundant life.

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