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How to Take Control of Your Spending and Start Saving

Lazetta and client Jonathan Shepherd spoke with CNBC‘s Michelle Fox on the importance of partnering with a financial planner to curb spending, and achieve your goals while sticking your values.

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5 Things about Family Dynamics and Money in the African American Community with Lazetta Rainey Braxton

Lazetta Rainey Braxton, CFP® professional, knows that, many times, sitting down with a financial adviser might be the first time a couple has had a conversation about money. In the African American community, money conversations don’t often happen organically. Money might be viewed as a stressor, and talking about money might be seen as rude or

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The Best Financial Advice I Ever Got

As reported in the Wall Street Journal Wealth Management Special Report Live On One Income Years ago, my soon-to-be husband shared his vision for us as we prepared to merge our lives and finances: Live on one income as a married couple and save the second income. Our shared financial goal served as a guiding

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Kids and Money: Here’s How Much Americans are Spending on an Allowance

Certified Financial Planner Lazetta Rainey Braxton agrees it’s important to teach children responsibility and money management. That may include paying your kids for doing chores. “Conceptually, the allowance for rendering services is a good way for children to know that you get paid for working,” said Braxton, founder and CEO of Financial Fountains in Baltimore

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InvestmentNews – Rene Nourse says mentoring is the key to diversity

Lazetta sat down with InvestmentNews‘ Bruce Kelly to talk about Rene Nourse and the importance of mentoring for increasing diversity within the industry. Read the full article here.

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Access to Prosperity: Lazetta Rainey Braxton, Founder and CEO of Financial Fountains

Wealth management and financial planning have a reputation for being the kind of services that are reserved only for the elite. Lazetta Rainey Braxton has aimed to single-handedly change that. Fusing her many passions for the higher purpose of empowerment, Braxton founded Financial Fountains, which provides financial well-being and effective stewardship practices to a diverse

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