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Three Ways to Show Your Money Some Love

Valentine’s Day is a special day for showing love to loved ones. The price tag for tangible expressions of love will translate to a whopping $20.7 billion in 2019, according to the National Retail Federation. If I were to have a conversation with the money you spent about your expressions of love, would your money scream

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Ditch the Resolutions for the Bucket List

Save money. Get in shape. Find a new job. New Year’s resolutions play like a broken record, year after year, with the needle stuck on the same screeching groove. Here’s a suggestion: flip the record and sing a new tune. Instead of listing the things that don’t make you happy, try making a playlist featuring a few favorite

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Reflections from an InvestmentNews Woman to Watch

I was grateful and amazed when I learned that I was being honored as one of the InvestmentNews Women to Watch. I was named as one of 20 financial advisers and executives selected by a rigorous process designed to identify women who are distinguished leaders, who share their knowledge and experience with others, and who are

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The Tough Talk Worth Having With Your Parents

Do you find yourself in the Sandwich Generation, squeezed by dependent children on one side and caring for your parents, financially and otherwise, on the other? Now, at the middle of the calendar year, is a good time to have some difficult conversations with your parents. One reason why a midyear conversation is ideal comes

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Why My Grandparents’ Home Got Torn Down

My family loves get-togethers—we find any reason to gather and eat. We credit this wonderful trait to my grandparents. They were gracious hosts with amazing culinary skills. Their home, built with my grandfather’s hands, was a sanctuary for family, friends, and welcome strangers. My grandparents didn’t just leave legacy of memorable gatherings; they also left

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Are You Ready for a Ridiculously Amazing 2016?

What have you already decided about 2016? Do you have great expectations?Everyone has hopes and dreams. Many people set goals, especially in the New Year. Yet, few consistently take action to achieve success. Granted, it’s not easy to move from wishing and hoping to deciding and doing. Life presents twists and turns. Unforeseen events and

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